How to Extend Air Conditioning Life Expectancy in Henderson

Anderson Air Mechanical Henderson air conditioning life expectancyRegardless of how much you’ve spent on your air conditioner, you expect it to last you for many years. The exact life expectancy of your unit will depend on the model you’ve purchased. However, it’s important to properly care for the unit to ensure it functions smoothly and efficiently. Do everything you can to extend air conditioning life expectancy in Henderson by following these simple suggestions:

Let the AC Unit Rest

If you’re planning on being out of your house for an extended period, let your air conditioning unit rest. Whether it’s just during the day while you’re at work or a week of vacation, your unit’s downtime allows it to function more efficiently.

Maintain Clean Ducts & Filters

Air ducts and filters can grow clogged over time, impeding the circulation of fresh indoor air in your home. Air duct cleaning should be performed at least once a year, while filters should be changed every 30-60 days. Plus, performing this routine maintenance will ensure your air conditioning longevity increases. You’ll also save money on energy bills.

Clean the Unit Regularly

An outdoor air conditioning unit is constantly exposed to the elements. You can reduce the risk of mechanical failure by regularly removing leaves, dust, twigs and other debris that may accumulate around your unit.

Need to Extend Air Conditioning Life Expectancy in Henderson?

You should also have your unit professionally serviced at least once annually to prevent any problems and extend your air conditioning system’s longevity. Luckily, Anderson Air Mechanical is prepared to handle all of your AC tune-up needs in Henderson and the surrounding area. We can even help with heating services, like gas furnace maintenance and heat pump installation. Contact us today to learn how we can help extend your air conditioning life expectancy for years to come!

Expert Help With Air Conditioning Life Expectancy in Henderson 

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