AC and Furnace Replacement in Henderson: Should You Replace Both Units at the Same Time?

AC and furnace replacement hendersonBoth the air conditioner and furnace will need to be replaced eventually. The big decision is whether to replace only the worn unit or replace them both at once. Is simultaneous AC and furnace replacement really necessary as some HVAC contractors suggest?

How Old Are the AC and Furnace?

Furnaces typically last longer than the AC, lasting around 15 years on average, compared to about 10 years for the AC. Whichever unit you’re replacing, replace the other as well if it’s past its average lifespan. 

Can You to Afford a Replacement Later?

An AC or furnace replacement is certainly an investment when you factor in the price of the new unit and installation. If you only replace one unit now, will a replacement of the other be within your financial means two, three, or four years from now? Replacing both units will cost more money now, but you’ll spend less in the long-run. The installation cost will likely be cheaper since you’re having both the AC and furnace installed on the same day.

Examine the SEER and AFUE

ACs have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) ranging from 13 to 21. The higher the SEER the more energy efficient. Similarly, furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measured as a percentage between 80% to 100%. Whatever the AC’s SEER and the furnace’s AFUE, the two units’ ratings shouldn’t deviate too greatly from one another. If one unit has a lower rating, it can bring down the efficiency of the other. A contractor can inform you whether an AC and furnace replacement will cause an excessive deviation. If so, you may need to replace both units together.

Need AC and Furnace Replacement in Henderson?

Whether you require a unit replacement or maintenance, contact Anderson Air Mechanical for an HVAC diagnosis. One of our contractors will consult with you on your AC and furnace replacement and whether both units should be replaced together.

Professional AC and Furnace Replacement and Installation in Henderson 

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