Common AC Repairs in Las Vegas Homes

Anderson Air Mechanical Las Vegas common ac repairsWhen the summer rolls around and the weather starts to heat up, it is important to keep your home cool. If your air conditioner breaks, you may experience discomfort and could even end up with serious health issues. Knowing some of the most common AC repairs can help you avoid them. 

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is the compound that helps generate the cold air. It needs to be at the right level to function properly. If your AC unit has developed a leak, it won’t be nearly as effective as it should be, and your air quality won’t be as pure. Refrigerant leaks can be detected by looking for wet spots around your AC unit. 

Bad Capacitors 

The fans and motors in your AC unit are triggered by capacitors. These capacitors charge the motor and keep it running consistently and efficiently. When these important components burn out, the unit won’t work properly, and you’ll need professional repair services. 

Compressor Failure 

The compressor in your AC unit applies energy to the refrigerant and brings it down to the required temperature. A compressor replacement is one of the most common AC repairs and will need to be done eventually with most air conditioners. If your AC isn’t putting out enough cool air, this could be the reason. 

Need AC Repairs from Reliable HVAC Techs Serving Las Vegas?

If you are looking for the best service for your HVAC system, Anderson Air Mechanical is here to help. With more than 35 years of experience, we perform reliable maintenance and service on all kinds of HVAC units and systems. We install and service heat pumps and gas furnace systems, and we can work with you to improve your indoor air quality as well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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