4 Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips in Summerlin

Spring HVAC maintenance SummerlinSpring is the ideal time to check up on the HVAC. Why? Because the weather is ideal; it’s not too hot to turn the AC on full blast, and not cold enough to use the furnace. Follow these spring HVAC maintenance tips to ensure the system is in tip-top shape by the time you’re ready to resume heavy use in the summer.

1. Check the Air Filter

A clean air filter goes a long way in reducing energy use. It also traps airborne allergens, making it an invaluable component for occupants with sensitive allergies. If the filter is encrusted with debris, clean it if it’s a washable filter and replace it if it’s a disposable one.

2. Shut the Doors and Windows

It’s common practice to keep the doors and windows open on a hot day. However, keeping them open actually allows the warm air to get inside, leading to a warmer and more humid environment. In turn, this forces the HVAC to work harder. Keeping doors and windows closed also has the benefit of keeping allergens out.

3. Remove Obstructions 

Check the outdoor component of the HVAC and inspect for obstructions that may inhibit airflow. As a general rule, keep all foliage and vegetation at least two feet away from the unit.

4. Clear the Drainage Hole

The air conditioning unit has a drainage hole located at the cabinet’s base. Debris can obstruct the hole and prevent adequate drainage. This stresses the system and forces it to work overtime. A leaking drain pan is a dead giveaway of a clogged drain hole.

Let Us Help with Your Spring HVAC Maintenance in Summerlin

Spring HVAC maintenance ensures optimal indoor air quality throughout the season and the ensuing summer. Now is the time to contact Anderson Air Mechanical to address maintenance needs and potential repairs. Caring for the HVAC keeps it in optimal running condition when you need it most.

Spring HVAC Maintenance from the Experts in Summerlin

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