Kickstart 2021 with HVAC Resolutions in Las Vegas

HVAC resolutions las vegas2021 is here. So, what are some of your goals? Have you considered HVAC resolutions? Many homeowners don’t ever contemplate goals relating to their air conditioning and heating unit. However, we want to explain why this move makes sense. 

Why Make HVAC Resolutions in Las Vegas?

If you made a list of resolutions, among those goals likely include some finance-related initiatives. Caring for your AC and furnace keep the units functioning optimally while minimizing energy expenditure. This reduces your monthly utility bills, making it a money-saving move.

Let’s look at a few ways homeowners can care for their HVAC.

Inspect the Filter

Everyone is concerned with indoor air quality at the moment due to COVID. Aside from airborne viruses, the air may also be teeming with dust, pollen, and other allergens. To keep airborne debris to a minimum, change the HVAC filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s change intervals. Pull out the air filter and hold it against a new one. If the former is several shades darker, then its needs replacement.

Adjust the Ceiling Fan

In the winter, set the ceiling fan to rotate clockwise. This pushes the air upward where it displaces warm air that rests at the ceiling, sweeping it downward to ground level. In the summer, set the fan counter clockwise to force cool air downwards.

Inspect Window and Door Frames

Perform a visual inspection, looking for existing cracks and openings in and around the window and door frames. These penetrations allow heat to escape and cold drafts to enter. Seal these areas using a caulk gun or spray foam.

Let Us Help with Your Resolutions in Las Vegas

Ready to get the most use out of your HVAC? Contact the specialists at Anderson Air Mechanical to get started. We’ll pinpoint areas where the system may be functioning less than optimally and make recommendations. Make HVAC resolutions a priority starting today.

Assisting with HVAC Resolutions in Las Vegas

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